People tend to think that taking a vacation is the surest way to get away from all the stress and anxiety that work brings. While this is true for most working people, it costs money one way or the other. But you don’t have to wait to save up for a trip or for your boss to let you take a break. 

You have the power to relieve yourself of the stress before it gets too much to handle that you burnout. Make your choice from among the list that we have and see what would give you that satisfaction of being stress-free:


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 Eat or drink your way out of it

Comfort food does deliver its name-promise. To make it more enjoyable and well-deserved, treat it as your own “pat-on-the-back” for a job well done. It includes chocolates, ice cream, cake — the list continues. It is up to you to decide what food makes your toes curl up in pleasure.

Making yourself a hot cup of green tea also does the trick because it contains a chemical that has a soothing effect.


“The connection between the gut and brain is huge — called the ‘gut-brain axis’ — and lots of interesting data supports the idea that the gut is a major mediator of the stress response,” says Dr. Drew Ramsey, an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University.

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Okay, you’re not into yoga or any spiritual meditation. However, getting yourself into the quiet zone where everything else is deliberately shut out for some minutes allows you to relax your body and mind. You can take it a step further by visualizing pleasant and calm sceneries where you are the only one present to enjoy the view. Let your mind wander and let go.

 Have some pampering

It can be as basic as taking a nice, warm, and leisurely bath, or getting a hair spa treatment right in the comforts of your home. Try and massage yourself using massage instruments (these days they come in various inexpensive forms), or by just doing a hand massage on your own. Target the muscle under your thumb using oil or lotion.

You’d be surprised how effective this is in easing the stiffness in your neck and shoulders. Got tired feet? Soak them in a basin of warm water and put some oil to help release the soreness of your muscles.

 Get that “me-time” and be on the Zen (balance) zone

Taking a stroll in the park or on quiet (but safe) streets lets you organize your thoughts. If the weather outside is not at all clear, go to your room or any quiet space to breath nice and easy and listen to a soft music if available. If you simply can’t sit still and do nothing for a moment, tidy up your workspace before resuming what you’re doing. Also, if you have the means to do so, take a pleasant drive along not-so-busy roads and clear your mind of any clutter.

 Do some stretching

Stretch your muscles by taking quick walks, jogging, or shaking your hands and feet. This will enable your blood to circulate. Add some fun by briefly dancing to an upbeat tune. Alternatively, sing even if you’re off-key. Sitting for long hours with your face in front of the computer is not healthy. You need to stand up and break the monotony.


If you can’t be with friends or loved ones when you need to unwind, play with your furry pet and confide your stress for the day. Besides being a therapeutic exercise, it’s a unique way to vent. In the event that you don’t like pets, go to social media and see what’s happening.  Chat for a while until you feel relaxed enough to get back to work.

Don’t let your anxiety get the better of you. You also don’t need to spend to get rid of the tension and toxic feeling. The power to de-stress is in your hands.