Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos evolved the world of shopping when he first introduced online shopping. What’s interesting was that the world of online shopping originated only from a little experiment. Jeff Bezos conducted an experiment by ordering his books through online carting. When his little experiment succeeded, he then decided to pursue and design what we now know as online shopping. His techniques had been used as the standard in online shopping.

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And before you know it, Amazon now dominates the world in terms of online shopping. But it turns out that this was only the beginning because Jeff Bezos is set to reinvent the world of shopping and retail industry once again with his newfound proposal: the Amazon Go.

Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping

We all know how the brick and mortar store had gone low when online shopping emerged. After all, online shopping offers more convenience than the traditional brick and mortar store. One of the major benefits that online shopping provided was the convenience of purchasing items whenever and wherever you want it without going anywhere.

You just need to turn on your PC, tablet, or phone. Then browse any items you want and with just a click away, you order the item. You only need to wait for a few days to have it delivered to your doorstep. Easy-peasy! Unlike in traditional shopping where you need to go to the store physically. If you’re not in luck, you will find yourself queueing in the torturous long line in the cashier. Not to mention, it is worse if there’s a holiday rush.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself burning out dealing with a copious amount of people in the store. This effectively wastes your precious time, which could be used on something more productive.

Conceptualization of Amazon Go

Sure, online shopping may have already solved the problem of queuing in the cashier’s line for many hours. However, Jeff knows that it will only kill the brick and mortar store. He knows that a third of the world’s population (especially in the Third World countries) still heavily relies shopping on the brick and mortar store. Aside from that, he knew that not all countries are using Amazon as a means of online shopping. So what should be the remedy for that?

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What is Amazon Go?

This leads him to create Amazon Go. With Amazon Go, you don’t need to queue in long lines just to get the items you ordered paid anymore. You only need to have an Amazon account and shop in an Amazon brick and mortar store. All the items on the shelves are already encoded in the system. A face recognition technology is then used to determine who’s the buyer. The moment you get something from the shelves, it will automatically bill to your account.

But wait, what happens if you decide to change your mind? No problem! Amazon Go got you covered! Just place the item back to its shelves and it will be automatically deducted to your account. When you’re done purchasing, you can just leave the premises like nothing happened.

Really, you read it right! Nobody will bribe or accuse you of stealing! That’s why it’s also called the “Just Walk Out Shopping” because it offers this great convenience! You only need to check your account, pay it with one click, and you’re good to go! How amazing is that?

Still not convinced with this awesome startup idea? You might want to check the video above!

Aside from that, the CEO himself has this to say:

“As organizations get larger, there seems to be a tendency to use the heavy-weight Type 1 decision-making process on most decisions, including many Type 2 decisions. The end result of this is slowness, unthoughtful risk aversion, failure to experiment sufficiently, and consequently diminished invention. We’ll have to figure out how to fight that tendency.”

Amazon Go will Revolutionize the World of Shopping Once More

There’s no doubt that Amazon is a giant when it comes to shopping. A brilliant idea like this will forever change the course on how we operate things when it comes to shopping. And we certainly couldn’t wait for this to be realized!