Being in a romantic relationship needs effort, time, and fun. Some find it early; some don’t. Some find it in a short span of time while others find it after a quite a while. There is nothing wrong with being single and taking your time before getting into a relationship. This becomes a challenge when most people around you are seeing somebody and go out on dates.

When you’ve taken a break from being in a relationship, your friends who are in a relationship might be too persistent to ask you to be on their date.

“There are plenty to love you so try to be satisfied with Father and Mother, Sisters and Brothers, friends and babies till the best lover of all comes to give you your reward.”  Louisa May Alcott

Here are some of the tips on how to deal with being the third wheel:

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Look at the bright side 


Being the third wheel does not have to be a downside. It might feel lonely, but looking at the bright side could make the ambiance more relaxing and fun. Crack some jokes and throw in some punch lines.  You have the power to break the ice when the couple is stiff for a few moments.

Accepting that you are single for a reason prevents you from being bitter about everybody else’s romantic adventures. Tell yourself that it is not the right time for you and be part of a love story. This way, the three of you could actually have fun.

Support system

Everything happens for a reason. When the couple;s conversations stall or shifts to  “mute,”; it’s your turn to bring a starter statement to keep the talk going. This is not about you; it is about your friend and their date. Supporting them could make the date out comfortable and less obligatory.

Make them comfortable

The couple would appreciate it if you avoid talking about being single and feeling self-pity. Doing so may make them uncomfortable or even feel guilty of dragging you along. Remember that this is their date, not your whining session. Rather than complaining, try to discuss their interests,  tell a story or pull some opinions.

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Go digital 

It is good to carry any device that would help you get distracted when the couple seem to have a private chat or “getting to know” moments. Try not to be rude when using your gadget. Also, know when to put it down when necessary. This is useful especially when you need to keep a distance from them.

Let them know when you feel uncomfortable 

Your friends might get carried away and go over the limits acceptable to the public eye. Should this happen, make your discomfort know to both of them by verbalizing it.  Consider stopping it or asking for some privacy. Either way, you have to state your concern clearly; it’s up to them to acknowledge it. Their response could be the basis of being their third wheel in the future.

“Single or married, you are responsible for your own personal happiness.”  ― Kathy McClary

A company of your own

Sometimes it’s better to be in the company of your own. Your gadgets may not be enough to handle your status. Therefore, you may need to entertain yourself. Call a friend over for back-up and do something together.  But before inviting somebody else in the circle, make sure you get the couple’s permission.

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The couple chose your company for a reason. However, in case you find yourself inevitably miserable in that date, tell them without offense. Excuse yourself politely, bail on the date, and go somewhere you can have fun.

Fun has nothing to do with your relationship status. Yes, it could add spice, thrill, and challenge, but it should not determine the state of your happiness. Being single doesn’t need to mean you are lacking in some aspect. If that couple enjoys your company, how much more do you think the right one would enjoy?