google for jobs

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A preview of Google for Jobs.Screenshot/Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai just introduced Google for Jobs — a forthcoming initiative from Google that will let you search for jobs in your area, with listings pulled from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and CareerBuilder.

When Google for Jobs launches "in the coming weeks," it will act as kind of a mega job-search engine that will let you sort through multiple career sites in one go.

"I'm personally enthusiastic for this initiative because it addresses an important need, and perhaps our core competencies as a company," Pichai said on stage at the Google I/O conference in Silicon Valley.

To get started with Google for Jobs, you just have to search for something like "retail jobs" in the Google search box. It'll pop up a bunch of job listings in your area. From there, you can sift by date posted, the type of job, experience required, when the job was posted, and job titles. Soon, Pichai says, you'll be able to sort by commute times, too.

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The idea is to use Google's artificially intelligent systems to classify jobs. As Pichai notes, "retail" can mean anything from sales, to store manager, to shop clerk, so Google is doing pattern matching to get you the exact kind of jobs you're looking for. 

It combines Google's mission around sorting information, with key AI technologies, Pichai says.

It's interesting that Google is taking information from rival tech titans like Facebook and LinkedIn, a Microsoft subsidiary. At the same time, it's a new way for Google to make money by indexing their information, while also providing those same outside companies with a new source of job-seekers to peruse their listings.

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