Do you know how easy it is to become famous these days? Even so, not every way is a good one. Here, we are presenting to you some simple steps on how to become famous in a “smart way”.

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 Step No. 1

Do you now what this man is famous for?

First of all, you should define what you want to be famous for.  Do you have some career or are you about to make one in a particular field? Whichever case is in question, try to be as good as possible (possibly the best) in that area. Maybe you are a doctor, a musician, an architect, or even a butcher; you can become famous nowadays thanks to the Internet.

To become popular, you have to attain people’s respect, and that can be achieved only through your own deeds, no faking is allowed. So, this is the first thing you should do — become a respected doctor, musician, architect, or even a butcher. Then follow the next step, but this first one is MANDATORY if you want to last longer that one TV commercial!

 Step No. 2

When you reach some professionalism and get enough knowledge and experience (respect included), then make an interesting video on Youtube and post it on social networks afterward. BUT DON’T DO THIS BEFORE FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS FROM THE PREVIOUS STEP since the results will be exactly the opposite of what you want. This video you are going to make can be about your work, about something you have created, your family, or even a pet. How can this help, you may ask. Well, when people see the video being interesting in some way – humorous or unique – they will share it with their friends and thus you will get your audience. The more the likes, the bigger the audience.

 Step No. 3

Be modest but unique. People generally don’t like braggers even if they have the reason to respect them. So, avoid bragging by all means. Find a modest way to present your abilities and talents. Try volunteering somewhere, since that is a good way for self-presenting to the people, and media likes it also.

So, it would be very likely that you will be pictured or even filmed in the process of volunteering. Try to find something that is not done by many people. Perhaps offer your free help to people older that 60 or something similar. Try helping individuals who cannot pay you, or you can even save some animals. Why not? In so doing, PETA will be sharing your video!

 Step No. 4

Give yourself a nickname that will become your brand name. An audience cannot memorize long names! Find something short, but effective. Maybe a blend of a part of your name and surname. The primary purpose of a brand name is to sell the product better. What you actually have to do is to sell’ yourself to the audience. You could even call the media by yourself after completing the previous steps and tell them something about yourself. Sell them your story! BUT, you will succeed only if you have an idea that is good enough to them.

 Step No. 5

Tell yourself that the failure is a possibility. Don’t be disappointed if it happens. But still, don’t be frightened by it in advance. If you think too much about it and became afraid of it, then YES, it will be unavoidable. Take risks, but be smart!

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 Step No. 6

Find some famous people who will be glad to support you. You would be surprised how some (already) famous people are happy to transfer their influence onto someone new, some “fresh blood”. BUT, they will not support you if you are a fake! So, this is another reason for you to be a sincere and hard-work individual.

“I love being famous – it’s phenomenal!” — Dave Chappelle


You could become famous even with no talents! Yes, this is not news, we have seen this happening for a long time now, even before the Internet. But, we wouldn’t suggest you anything of the following, which were proven to be working towards a worldwide fame:

 Entering some reality TV show only to behave inappropriately

 Posting your private tape on the Internet and sharing it on adult sites

 Becoming a crazy fan and always following your favorite celebrity

 Making a fool of yourself on Youtube by doing something idiotic

 Doing something criminal

 Marrying a famous person just to take advantage of him/her

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