We all travel at one point or another in life. Human beings are social wanderer by nature. We don’t want to get trapped in one place for the rest of our lives. That’s why we allocate some budget for our so-called travel goals.

However, setting up our travel budget is easier said and done. We all know how traveling can be expensive especially when we talk about booking flights, accommodation, and travel itineraries. We also get overwhelmed by the huge offers from different travel agencies. We don’t know which offer can actually help us save the most money in the process. Or could doing everything by yourself (DIY) can help us save better. Which is which?

“The symbol of joy to-day is travel. There is a “wanderlust” that infects the blood.” ~Rollin A. Sawyer

You can still enjoy the luxury of traveling without draining your pocket. Find out how can you save money with our top budget traveling tips this 2017!

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Signing up for Travel Related Credit Cards

If you already have an airline credit card or simply a credit card, then you’re in luck. Most credit card companies offer lower airfare and travel packages. They also offer exciting promos and bonuses for you to utilize while you travel.

Some of these give you bonuses or discounts whenever you refer someone to sign up for their services. Or if not, they can give you discounts if you book a travel package with them. You can accumulate points then redeem later on for an exciting travel package.

Be Flexible With Flights

The good thing about traveling with a family or in a group is that you save more money when booking flights. Most airline companies offer small changes on airfare if you’re traveling in a group. This changes may be small, but when accumulated, they make a big difference on your budget. Another thing we recommend is to try booking flights with stops (or connecting flights) since it’s cheaper than taking direct flights.

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Another thing we recommend is to try booking flights with stops (or connecting flights) since it’s cheaper than taking direct flights. In this way, you not only get the chance to travel to your intended destination, but you also get the chance to tour the city you’re stopping by. If you think about it, you save more money since you tour more places in one go! Also, be sure to take advantage of promo and travel deals of airline companies to book cheaper flights.

Travell Off-Season

Traveling to popular places is always costly. Even more so if you intend to travel during the peak season. Therefore, if you want to travel to popular places but also want to stay within your budget, we recommend that you travel off-season. The reason for this is because there’s a low demand during an off-season, so you have less competition when inquiring to travel agencies.

Low demand and lesser competition of customers mean stiff competition among travel agencies. They will compete to get more customers, so they are more likely to lower their prices and travel packages to make you subscribe to their services. This enables you to save more money in the process.

Think Outside the Box

If you feel like the traveling to popular places during the off-season is still costly, then fret not! You can still travel within your budget. How? By traveling to exotic and underrated places. The truth is the world has so much to offer for you. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to popular places only. Unleash the explorer side within you and try to discover other places that are just as magical and ethereal as the popular tourist destinations.

Not only are these places beautiful but are also thrice as inexpensive as the popular spots! You’ll also have all the time to indulge in these places as they are generally more peaceful because they are less crowded.

Avoid Chain Hotels

Ever wondered why travel packages of travel agencies are expensive? The accommodation is the culprit behind it. Most travel agencies chose to book you to chain hotels, so avoid that if necessary. You don’t really need to book in an expensive hotel especially if you’ll only sleep there for few hours. Remember that you’re here to travel, not to sleep. Therefore, opt for inexpensive hostels and guest rooms instead. They are comfortable to sleep in and also more cost effective. In this way, you’ll be able to use your extra money for exploring more places during your tour!

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”  ~Anatole France