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Talent isn't everything. Leon Neal/Getty Images

Like me, you’ve probably seen the “10 Things That Require Zero Talent” post floating around LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Being on time, being passionate, and being prepared all make the list.

This got me thinking of similar traits that are not only easy to implement, but are absolutely free — and can make some serious changes in your life.

1. Being virtuous

Set your standards and morals high in your personal and professional endeavors. Often we find ourselves compromising for the sake of gain, which can cause resentment and is a recipe for mistakes. Being honest with ourselves and others builds trust, better connections, and character.

2. Giving your best

Dedicate 100% to the task at hand, person, or project. It’s easy to get pulled away, distracted by a barrage of notifications on our phones. Our time and attention are rare commodities. By offering them at the moment, we can make big differences in the results we achieve and how our efforts are perceived.

3. Choosing to be positive

Where we end up tomorrow is a direct result of how we handle the circumstances today. We all face the same challenges in business and life. The Marines have adopted a great mantra to dealing with adversity: improvise, adapt, and overcome. When you train yourself to handle obstacles in this type of manner it can have a life-changing impact. It puts you in the driver’s seat and enables you to take charge of your destiny.

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4. Being determined

Remember that feedback is typically disguised as failure. You have to be willing to do the things that most others won’t, even if it means starting over or taking a different path.

5. Being willing to learn

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Jason Anthony. Courtesy of Jason Anthony

Read the books. Take the courses. Attend the classes. Knowledge is all around us and ripe for the taking.

Coaches, speakers, and experts cast out vast quantities of webinars, ebooks, and articles that can help you get from A to B. Free instructional videos are available for practically anything — and it’s all free.

6. Giving more

Giving doesn't have to come in the form of a monetary donation. It can be something as simple as lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Giving can come in the form of donating your time or services, or providing your insight and expertise to someone in need. For the most part, we all like to be helpful and have skills that others may not. Take the opportunity to lend them out where you can.

7. Taking action

Success comes from actively working towards your goals. Passion fades. You can have all the tenacity, goals, and enthusiasm in the world right now, but it will all be for naught if you don’t follow through with action. Tap into your energy and emotion today and make a commitment to yourself to take action before it’s too late.

Jason Anthony is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and authority on lifestyle design and personal development. He enjoys traveling the world and helping organizations improve their bottom line and effectiveness in the market. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.