Love is many splendid things as they say, and everything about it is all a little bit of every feeling you ought to feel. Matters of the heart and romance require a certain formula of effort and sacrifices with a bit of chemistry between involved parties. Some people believe that a mix of some unique ingredients is the key to attaining a successful love life. Others think of love as great as is depicted in movies.

Since time immemorial, people have had superstitions about love. We should as well try to acknowledge some of these. Some are so bizarre that it’s hard to imagine that people practice them.

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”Loretta Young

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A Mole Signifying Mole

In Korea, it is a bad characteristic to have a mole or any facial marks near the mouth. People who have them are considered to be unfaithful in their relationships. A mole could literally make you a mole. Although it is a fact that having a mole or a mark of the like somewhat adds to a person’s appeal, marrying someone like that is calling for trouble.  

Pail of Tears

For preparation purposes, a Chinese bride-to-be should cry as much as possible and drain her eyes of all the tears.The more tears she sheds, the less the tears she will shed in after marriage. Consider it crying in advance for a happier married life.

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‘Sweep You Off Your Feet’

A knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet is every woman’s dream.Haitians took this practice to another level. In Haiti, unmarried women should avoid being neat anyone cleaning to prevent their feet from being swept. If it happened, it would signify that no man would ever marry them. Therefore, tidying up should be done carefully and should never be around single women.

Footwear Coins

A bride in Sweden should put coins in her shoes on her wedding day, and that is the responsibility of the bride’s parents. For a prosperous and healthy marriage life, the bride’s mother should put a gold coin in the daughter’s shoes. On the other hand, the father should put a silver coin in the daughter’s  shoes before the matrimonial ceremony.

Kidnapping Proposal

This is somewhat absurd wedding proposal yet a romantically twisted way of asking for a hand in marriage among the Romani people. The man, along with his male relatives and friends, kidnaps the bride to be. They then take her to the man’s home where his female relatives persuade her into marrying him. This dates back to a long time ago, but there is a more realistic and modern version of this. Instead of actually kidnapping the bride-to-be, the man grabs her and steal a kiss from her. 

Good Luck Spit

Massai people from Kenya practice a strange culture.  The father of the bride spits on her head and breasts as a form of good luck in her marriage life. She is then expected to walk away without turning back. 

Counting Flowers

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Who would’ve actually thought that the number of flowers you give to a lady matters? In Russia, they are the thorough type of people. Here, to signify love, a man should give a lady an odd number of flowers.  An even number should strictly be for funerals as it signifies death and a bad omen. Remember not to confuse the two when giving a lovely bouquet to a Russian lady. 

“Oftimes our belief, if in another, we would regard a superstition.” – LEWIS F. KORNS