Who doesn’t want to be rich and successful? We may choose to take different roads to victory and engage in various professions to get there. However,  no matter how hard we try, we still feel that we lack either the drive, the fortune, or maybe the opportunity to make it through. Learn from these three gentlemen. They are the most successful businessmen and the world’s top billionaires. Perhaps what you’ll learn from them can help you either speed up your way up the corporate ladder or give you an idea on how to grow your business.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are ready to lend you a hand. Know what they have in common and take it from them. You never know; maybe these are the things and values that got them to the top.

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You don’t need a degree to succeed.

Don’t get us wrong, completing your studies is an essential milestone and something that you must be proud of. However, you don’t have to feel bad about yourself or start blaming your past if you didn’t earn your degree. There’s something more than formal schooling, getting your diploma, and graduating with flying colors.


Despite the fact that Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg didn’t finish college, they still made a name in the industry. One thing here is that they think outside the box. They don’t confining themselves to the things they know, should learn, and can do. They left college and fortunately, the gamble just paid off.

“Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t finish college. Too much emphasis is placed on formal education – I told my children not to worry about their grades but to enjoy learning.”  – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

They are serious with their visions.

As sure as the dawn, they set their vision clear, not just SMART (specific, measurable, realistic, and time-bound). For one, Mark Zuckerberg continues to work hard for Facebook’s success largely because he has a vision for how his company can shape the world. He also aims to give Facebook users the power to share and make the world more open and connected, and create a legacy that will benefit one generation to another.

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Therefore,  if you haven’t set your goals straight already, take the time to consider drafting your mission and vision that are aligned to your enterprise’s core values. When you’re aware of the positive impact that your business can make, you’ll be more motivated to work hard and make it happen.

They embrace simplicity by all means.

Fashion and lifestyle might be a big deal to most of us especially the millionaires, but not the three guys. Gates manages to wear simple yet neat suits or attire. Jobs was popular for his plain black turtleneck and denim jeans, while Zuckerberg takes pride in his simple gray t-shirt.

For what reason? Perhaps, they’re trying to eliminate their exposure to decision fatigue. AS such, these billionaires just put petite thought and exert very minimal effort in selecting their outfits. Every neuron is too precious to be wasted.

They are passionate in everything they do.

Your passion is your strength, and without the burning desire to succeed and do what you love, things may be worthless. It’s practically passion or none at all. It pays to have the commitment to continue doing what you do despite the odds that you may encounter.

Remember that as an entrepreneur, you must understand that you are not in it for the profit only. True, money is a motivating factor, and it can influence your decisions. However, arching your goals to what you love can make you pursue anything. Working 20 hours a day, taking on extraordinary pressure, risks and challenges, with no guarantees of success, sacrificing sleep and family life, poses no questions at all.

Remember that successful entrepreneurs are genuinely passionate about what they do and would rather do nothing else. They are passionate about creating things of great value to make a different in people’s lives, solve critical problems, and making things better for everyone. Although they are in it to make money and achieve material success as well, that is always secondary.

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They believe in themselves more than anybody else.

As you launch your startup business, it’s okay to have several people discouraging you. They may tell you that you are not good enough, your product is worthless, your idea is impractical, and you are destined to fail. A lot of distractions might come along your way. Encouraging words may seem difficult to find. However, keep your iron will intact and faith up high. Believing in what you and your ventures can do.

With all these pieces of wisdom from no other than Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg, you are indeed on your way to making your venture a hit.