The greatest power and force in the universe is love. It is everyone’s dream to fall in love, getting married, and spending the rest of life with the significant other. As such, people strive to make their relationships work by patching things up and clearing any misunderstandings. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we find ourselves facing an inevitable breakup. Although the pain and agony of having broken relationships and divorce are excruciating, they still occur in life. Why so? The answer to that might be in the fact that people get stuck in various relationship stages, particularly the third stage.

Are you wondering what we’re talking about? Let us uncover the four stages relationships and why most couples get stuck at stage 3!

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” — Audrey Hepburn

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 Stage 1: Passion and Playfulness

This is the first part where you get to meet the love of your dreams. Their physical appearance is definitely your type. They just ooze down with sizzling hotness and sexiness. Moreover, you get to discover that you two have a mutual interest. This is where you start to think of fancy things and daydream with the person.

You feel your heart pounding whenever they are around. When your eyes meet, you feel butterflies in your stomach. You stutter in shyness because the cat gets your tongue when you converse with them. Your hormones get crazy, and you have that youthful glow since you are in love. This stage is often known as the honeymoon stage because you are starting a journey to blossom further.

 Stage 2: Getting Serious

This is the stage where you start to get serious in your relationship and engage in a serious commitment. In this stage, you get to know your partner more. You go to parks and engage in dates while talking about each other’s perceptions and insights. You meet both families and get intimate with each other to express your passion and love physically, emotionally, and mentally. In this stage, your hormones might have calmed down a bit, but the fire you have for each other is still alive and burning.

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 Stage 3: What Happened?

As you get acquainted with each other and live your lives together for a couple of years, you slowly get to know your partner even more. As such, you become aware of their darkest secrets. The both of you start undergoing some trials in your relationship to test just how strong your love for each other is. At this stage, you start to question everything.

What is it that made you feel in love with this person? You begin to enumerate all the adverse things about this relationship and just how all of this is not worth your time and effort. The more the quarrels and unresolved issues you have, the faster you fall out of love. If you are not persistent, this ultimately leads to a breakup. How can you overcome this stage? Continue reading below!

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 Stage 4: Climbing Down From the Pedestal

The main reason why people get stuck at stage 3 is that you have a misconception that love is all brilliant, light, and fluffy. In reality, it is not! Being in real love means being willing to put up with your partner to the worst of the worst. It means being willing to traverse the perilous path and trials together. Out of the 7.8 billion people in the world, you choose to love this one person. 

Love means being willing to spend the rest of your life with your partner no matter how dark it is. You should be able to see past all their imperfections and flaws. It also means sacrificing yourself for the sake of the relationship. The moment you realize that, both of you will strip away all the illusions you had. There will be no more secrets and no more lies. In this stage, you become a team to face all the challenges and withstand them. By so doing, you will definitely have a happy ending!