Ever since we were young, we’ve dreamt of having a luxurious and comfortable life. That’s why we worked hard to complete our studies and get a well-paying job to sustain us for a lifetime. But no matter what we do, we all know that just relying on savings alone is enough. We need to be prepared and be financially secure for unexpected and emergency situations. And that’s where insurance comes in.

Insurance is a type of saving that helps you build your future life after retirement. We all know that we won’t be employed forever. We won’t be working until the day we die. As we grow older, our skills, talents, and energy diminish, making us incapacitated to do the things we used to do with no difficulties before. Retirement is inevitable. And when we retire, we will be cutting off our source of income. However,  if you have insurance, your expenses will be taken care of.

What types of insurances covers should we get to live a sustainable life? Here are the types of insurance covers you should have by now.

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Health and Disability Insurance

Health is Wealth!

We’ve long heard this quote before, and we couldn’t agree more of it. Our health is precious. We only have one body. And if we took it for granted (in which, we all do), our body would suffer gravely. The body would malfunction, and we’d be unable to perform all the activities we want in life. Sometimes, it can even cost us our lives. In just a snap, a ruined health can destroy our future. Therefore, it’s important to start investing in your health now.

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The thing is, you can get a health insurance with or without an employer. If your employer has you covered, then you’re ready to go. But if you’re not, then it’s time for you to get one. A health insurance will ensure that you’re getting the best health treatment, ranging from checkups, prescriptions, treatments, and surgeries without worrying about money to pay hefty hospital bills. After all, we all know how expensive it is to fall sick!

Property Insurance

If you have a real estate property, a car, business, or any other asset, you need to insure it. You never know what will happen in the future. As such, we need to be prepared. Our property may get damaged due to some unwanted situations such as natural calamities.In such a case, with an insurance cover, you wouldn’t need more money to get it repaired. Your property insurance will get that covered for you. Since you worked hard to gain those properties, it’s only important to protect them as well, right?

Life Insurance

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Life insurance is the most common type of insurance you usually get from a financial agent. This kind of insurance will help you get prepared for the future, especially when you retire. It can become your source of income the moment you stop working. Depending on your policy, the greater your investment is, the more money you will get back.

However, there should be a limit to that. Beware of scams that offer you high figures and returns that are too good to be true. The computation of your insurance must be based on your salary as well as some reliably projected estimates. What’s good about life insurances is that it gives you a security that you can sustain your life even when you’re old. And if something happened to you while you’re still young (God forbid), your family won’t carry the heavy burden of paying anymore since they are also covered in your insurance policy.

Having insurance is essential to becoming financially stable. However, we remind you to be very picky when choosing the company to invest in. There are many scams out there that only want to extort money from you. Only choose the legitimate companies with proven records and financial statements.