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UC Berkeley graduationFacebook/UC Berkeley

Graduating with a degree in coding seems like it all but guarantees you a high-paying job with awesome perks. But with so many universities beefing up their computer science programs, which US universities are your best bet?

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HackerRank, a free coding practice website that allows developers to hone their coding skills by solving challenges, launched a University Rankings Competition to figure out which schools produce the best coders. They had over 5,000 participants from 126 schools. 

"The criteria for the US News & World Report, for instance, includes number of research papers produced, global research reputation and number of conferences. In fact, practical coding skills aren’t even part of their methodology at all," HackerRank wrote in a blog post detailing the list. 

While some of HackerRank's findings were consistent with US News & World Report's list, there were a few surprises. Here's who made the top 10.