You must be head over heels in love with your ex to have been reading this article. You stare at starless nights, toss and turn in bed as you reminisce the good times with your ex-love. You have to try these if you want that monster out of your head, return that smile and enjoy the company of friends just like you did before your ex ruined your happy life. 

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.”
Hermann Hesse

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This is a hail mary pass for you!
Turn up the music 


Stop crying and try to turn the music to drown that empty You can never move on by numbing your pain with the song you want to dedicate to him, or that song he once dedicated to you.

You have to stop living in a prison. Groove some good music and get your hips moving. This does not mean that you should never listen to love songs again, but not give them up for the moment.  

The more, the merrier 

Enough with the alone time. He’s moved on, why won’t you? You see, the more you isolate yourself, the more danger you put yourself into. By the time you’re ready to move on, everybody has forgotten your existence and the world has moved on without you in it. Say ‘Hi’ to the neighbor cleaning the yard and create non-intimate relationships.

Be the best version

You gave enough of yourself and it still didn’t work. This time, aim to be the best and not for anyone’s benefit but yours. Focus on improving yourself in all aspects, including skills.

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This is your favorite part. A make-over for you. You may or may not cut your hair, trim your eyebrows or put on some makeup. Whatever makes you feel better, go for it. s long as it looks good on the new you. Also,  dress-up. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to have a style that suits you.

“The most difficult aspect of moving on is accepting that the other person already did.” Faraaz Kazi

Build confidence 

More than the clothes and fashion, the best thing a girl can wear is her confidence. Confidence determines how others perceive and treat you.



Accept the fact that there is a reason why it didn’t work. He doesn’t fit in your world, and you don’t fit in his. Stop assuming that you’re going someday, he’ll realize how special you are or how foolish he’s been. The moment one of you walks away, it’s over. You’ll meet the person at the right time.

Love yourself 

Remember that you’ve given your all and you were left with nothing.  This time, start right and love yourself. It is you who’s been left to pick up the pieces. Do not rush to love again. Instead, love yourself.

It might seem hard to move on but you have to try to survive the thunder and pave your own way to being okay. You cannot expect somebody else to save you from this mess. You are not living the fairytale today. The moment it ended, your story became a tragedy. 

There will come a time when you’ll wonder how you survived despite the hurt. You will remember the phases of recovery you had to undergo to move past the pain and you will laugh at how ridiculous and desperate were. For now, remember that life is beautiful and it does not always have to do with romance.