Technology makes our lives a lot easier, BUT these life hacks give us smart solutions to many things in life we thought we couldn’t do any better. And yes, all these little snags can be resolved in just a snap of a finger.

“The best way to vanquish your enemies on the Internet? Ignore them.” — Austin Kleon

Heading to the beach? Check this out!

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Introducing: The Master of Disguise!

Your valuables (money, phones, keys, etc.) need extra care by hiding them in strange places. One great deal is to put them on sneaky containers or better yet, baby diapers. No one would think something expensive is in it.

Put your phones in Ziploc bags.

Taking photos and videos is a must while having fun on the beach. But you surely don’t want to risk your phone buddies, do you? This quick and effective fix can be a real ‘steal.’ Put the phone inside a plastic bag and give it a compact seal. Don’t worry, the touch screen still works.

Frozen aloe vera cube for a quick sunburn relief.

Throw some aloe vera gel into ice cube trays and freeze it. The cold will be really soothing on that nasty burn, and the aloe vera gel is perfect for helping sunburns to heal and to prevent peeling. You may use store bought aloe vera, or you can squeeze the leaves of an aloe plant to get enough gel to freeze.

Want some ice cold booze?

This one has the benefit of convenience. You might not have a cooler to fill a ton of ice, water, and salt, but there’s probably a freezer nearby. Just putting it in the freezer commando isn’t going to help your situation very much—you need to wrap it up, dude!

Take a couple of paper towels and wrap them around your beer, then douse it in water. It should be soaked but not dripping (you don’t want ice forming in your freezer). Air is not a very good heat conductor. Water is a better conductor, plus you get a little boost from evaporation. Pop it in the freezer for 8-15 minutes, depending on the freezer’s temperature.

So the next time you host a party, wrap a wet paper towel around beer and put it in the freezer to cool in just a few minutes. Whoa! That’s quite fast!

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Some Brilliant Food and Kitchen Hacks

Seal bagged foods with an old plastic bottle.

Upcycling has never been this cool. Try them and keep everything organized.

You might be eating your burgers WRONG all this time.

Eat burger upside down and use the right fingers to hold it when you bite. Since the top bun is almost twice as thick as the bottom and a lot tougher, try turning it upside down before you make a big bite.

Save lots of time with this simple trick.

Before you store ground meat in the freezer, pop them in a plastic bag, and flatten them out as much as possible. You’d be amazed as to how much freezing time, thawing time, and some space you’d save.

Microwave Hack: Solve this dilemma as easy as ABC.

Now, you could fit two bowls – all at once – in your not-too-huge microwave.

More life hacks to make your lives a lot easier.

Here’s your DIY Hide-A-Key Safe!

If you want a hide-a-key option for your house, and you want something that will blend in well with your yard, this is a very simple solution. All you need is an old prescription pill bottle. Take your prescription pill bottle and remove all the labeling. Then decide on what you want to disguise your bottle with. A rock or pine cone can surely do the trick!

How to ‘supercharge’ your phones?

Putting your phone into airplane mode will charge it twice as fast. Flight mode generally turns off all radio frequencies on your device. Therefore, the battery should charge faster in this disengaged state.

Meet this DIY eco-friendly egg carton laptop desk thingy!

If you’re in dire need of some way to cool down your laptop and don’t want to spend the cash on a cooling pad, some overturned egg cartons can do the wildest trick.

Flip some empty cartons over, and you get plenty of airflow. True enough, that it’s by no means the prettiest thing, but hey, it’s cheap, and gets the job done. No doubt, this is the cheapest laptop stand cooler. When other people get to see you using this, you’d be the wittiest and most resourceful person ever.

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Swear, you’d never forget what you’ve lent to friends again!

Borrowing tools, books, gears, and movies among friends is a great way to save money and still get what you want or need. But keeping track of who has what can really be stressful. Try this idea: Whenever you lend something to a friend, take a photo on your smartphone of them holding the item. Problem solved!

See, by simply tweaking little things, you never thought it could make your life much easier. Hope you enjoy our awesome list, folks!