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Courtesy of Susie Moore

When Susie Moore left a sales job where she was earning $500,000 a year at age 30 in order to start her own business as a life and career coach in 2013, she was feeling good.

"In the beginning I was certainly very optimistic and enthusiastic," she said in a Facebook Live interview with Business Insider. She had built up her company on the side to the point where she was earning up to $4,000 a month and she was ready to go full-time.

But looking back, Moore said, she has some advice for herself in those early days.

"I would say it's OK to have some disappointments," said the author of "What If It Does Work Out?" "It's not the end of the world. Sometimes you can feel very dramatic, you know, if something bad goes wrong. It's OK having disappointments; everyone has setbacks, even successful people. And I would have almost asked myself to expect some disappointments along the way, versus being surprised or sad when they happen."

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Four years later, she encourages others to pursue entrepreneurship through Side Hustle Academy.

Her second piece of advice — useful for anyone with an online presence — would be "to be OK with haters, to be OK with criticism," she said. "It happens, it will always happen — it's proof that you're growing."

Moore quoted Dale Carnegie, who "said no one kicks a dead dog."

She also pointed to entrepreneur James Altucher, who "talks about the law of thirds: He says there will be one third of people who really like you, a third of people who won't like you, and a third of people who will be indifferent to you. So focus on your third. The people who don't like you, love and just release them. I would tell myself that, because I had my struggles in the beginning."

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