Let’s face it. One of the main problems we have in life is our inferiority complex. There’s an innate shyness we have whenever we are talking to other people, or if we are speaking in public. Also, one sometimes gets the feeling that they cannot relate to the crowd. We cower in fear at the thought of mingling with other people. We don’t have the confidence to believe in ourselves, our abilities, and skills.

The problem with extreme shyness is that it hinders you from achieving your goals in life. If you lack confidence, you’ll have a hard time dealing with other people. Communication is an essential skill you need to have when you’re working. Aside from that, having no confidence is dangerous for you as you’re prone to depression.

How can you overcome this insane fear and boost your confidence? The answer to that will start with your clothes! Here are the reasons why dressing up can help you boost your confidence to face the world.

I just love fashion. I think it just expresses who you are so much.” — Lindsay Lohan

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Proper Dressing Can Help You Feel Like You Belong to a Particular Group

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, dressing up according to a particular niche will help boost your confidence. This is because you felt that you belong in a group. The researchers conducted this study among a group of physicians. According to them, the subjects who wore lab coats which were was associated with the doctor’s coat performed better than those who didn’t wear a lab coat and those who wore a lab coat described as a painter’s coat. This sense of belongingness and acceptance will boost your optimism, and you are most likely to believe more in yourself and your abilities. This phenomenon is called enclothed cognition.

The wrong clothes can negatively affect your performance in work and life.

In a separate study conducted by Karen Pine, it was revealed that wearing the wrong dress can greatly affect the balance in your work and life. In her study, she asked some women to take a math test. But unlike any regular math test, some women had to wear a swimsuit while the other group of women wore a sweater. It turned out that those who wore a sweater performed better in the test.

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That’s why it’s important to follow the right dress code. This is in connection with the previous tip. If you wear proper clothes on the appropriate occasions, you’ll have a sense of belongingness in a group.

To dress for confidence, embrace tailoring.

Of course, even if we did say that you need to follow the set dress codes implemented, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your freedom and preferences. Remember that the most important rule in wearing clothes that you need to be comfortable in it. Therefore, if you want to have a unique style, go ahead and pursue it. If you want to wear a unique suit with perplexing design, seek for it If needed, embrace tailoring. We all know that we’re unique in our own ways, that’s why you should show your unique style. This will help boost your confidence immensely. Here is a great advice you need to take from famous fashion blogger and TV personality Ciara O’Doherty:

“Look for slightly padded shoulders, good quality stitching and hems, and try on multiple sizes to ensure you find your perfect fit. One tip is to get pieces altered by a seamstress so they fit your exact measurements, which is perfect for women who might be on the shorter/taller side.”

A Good Pair of Shoes Will Improve Your Overall Look

Of course, dressing up is not just limited to your clothes or wardrobe. It even extends to your shoes. Wearing a great pair of shoes will help you stand out. An example for this is you can wear stunning stiletto heels on a prom night. If you’re at the gym or out for a run, you should wear a pair of sneakers.