Whether you’re a fresh grad or a seasoned professional, you continuously seek some impressive pieces of advice to guide you in advancing your career, or in taking it to the next level. We pulled together some tried-and-tested tips that can help you climb the corporate ladder at a faster pace.

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 Establish professional success first.

Focus first on achieving your professional goals before you find happiness and contentment in your career. Bear in mind that the company you’re currently working for cares less whether or not you’re happy with what you do. Most of the time, it’s only interested in results. Likewise, results are the only thing you should be concerned with, at least for now.

It’s a matter of changing your perspectives and realigning your goals. Come to think about it; it’s a piece of advice that can lead you to happiness and contentment, especially if you do it right.

When you focus on results in your career, you’ll make more money. And when you earn more, you’re able to enjoy your life. Also, you get to enjoy financial independence. Therefore, rather than trying to find happiness in your career right away, shoot for better job productivity and results. Everything else will follow, anyway.

 Strengthen your network.

You can build allies and create a team by being a role model, a caring mentor, a generous colleague, and a good leader. Effective communication forms the foundation for a positive work alliance. Coupled with trust, confidence, respect, and teamwork, the group can lend a helping hand to each member – working towards the common interest of not just the team but also the company as a whole.

When working on a project together, always put forth your best efforts. Be the person who is willing to go an extra mile to strengthen both the collaboration and the outcome. Producing work that allies are proud to support is a good way to strengthen work relationships. Sometimes it’s also better to share credit for something even if you did most of the work.

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 Don’t be like this:

The struggle is real. Mondays are universally hated at work. Regardless of the culture, race, and behavior, Monday blues are rampant across different nations. Whether you hate Mondays because the weekend is over or you just don’t feel like getting back to work, the bottom line is to stop the habit of literally and figuratively hating the so-called “worst day of the week.”

A work-life balance expert once said: It’s like wearing a huge sign that says: “I hate my job and do not want to be here.” Well, it’s fine to look forward to down time, but work time shouldn’t feel that bad. If you hate your career that much, it only means that your current job isn’t really for you. Try finding a new one.

Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it.” – Katharine Whitehorn

 Don’t make enemies.

You meet various kinds of workmates in your career. And every person you cross path with is a potential door to a new opportunity. If you want to succeed in your career, then you need to learn how to read people and determine who you can depend on who you can’t. However, don’t just go with a gut feeling when it comes to reading people. Base your decisions on both words and actions. This way, you could choose your battles wisely.

As much as possible, try to be “friends” or at least “civil” with everyone at the workplace. Exhibit total professionalism to anyone at all times. Don’t engage in any incidents of gossiping or in discussing coworkers behind their backs. Remember that you earn trust and respect and once these two are tainted, you’ll surely have a hard time getting them fixed. After all, it’s always nice to be trusted by other people not because they want it but because you actually deserve it.

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 Don’t appear too busy.

If you want to work your way to your promotion, don’t look too busy, stressed, and overworked. These gestures can imply that you cannot handle your current workload and don’t know how to deal with your stress and pressure at hand. Sometimes, people aren’t asked to do bigger and more important tasks if it takes them a long time to complete their basic work requirement.

The way to get more responsibility is to build up trust with smaller things. Assume that everything you do will have an effect on your raise and promotion opportunities.

With all these and more, you’re surely on your way to achieving success, wealth, happiness, and contentment. One last thing: Make your career a tribute to your success. GOOD LUCK!